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Baker Demonstration School's mission is to enrich childrens lives through the highest caliber educational and cultural experience available. Your gift helps us extend the growth opportunities to your children and the children of others just like you.  It is inspiring to think of the possibility of what our students will do and become with these contributions.

Thank you for helping our students build their lives in such a meaningful way with us at Baker. 

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Ways to Give. Ways to Support.

Through these campaigns we are going to build opportunities to apply knowledge gained inside and outside. Our teachers also know that getting students out of the classroom to explore their world enhances real-world applications of topics they may be learning in the classroom.  We have several campaigns that will help in various areas of our continued growth and development by helping to provide the best resources and facilities possible for your students continued educational experiences at Baker.
  "The highest use of capital is not to make more money but to make money do more for the betterment of life." Henry Ford 

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Other Easy Ways to Give.

Many retailers, both local and national, offer incentive programs that give back valuable dollars to your child’s school. Every little bit counts! See how you can register to help Baker students through the following programs:
  • Amazon Smile is an easy rewards program that brings in more than $1,000 in revenue for Baker every year! Just click here to do your Amazon shopping!
  • MightyNest is an Evanston retailer offering the best selection of healthy, safe, and non-toxic products for your family and home. They will give back a whopping 15% of every online purchase.
  • Box Tops for Education donates 10 cents each time you clip and submit a Box Tops logo from hundreds of everyday products in almost every aisle of the store.
  • GoodSearch is a search engine powered by Yahoo! that donates between 3-20% on purchases made when you browse the web.
  • Heinen’s Grocery Store has a Tasteful Rewards program that will donate 1% of sales to Baker!
  • Anderson Books, the Baker Book Fair supplier, will give 20% of all online book sales back to Baker!

For more info or to speak with us personally. Please fill out the form provided.  We respect your privacy and keep all personal info confidential.  

Thank You for Your Support!